Tai Chi in the Park

We are dedicated to becoming the number one resource for those wishing to understand the principals and history of Taiji, as well as the growing synergy of Eastern and Western medicine.

Tai Chi in the Park is run by Dr Peter Bennett, a practitioner of traditional Yang style Tai Ji Quan of twenty years.  He learned the art from Sifu Herman Chen-Pensley, his son Jonathan, Tim Harper and the senior students at the Tai Ji Quan Do school.  He teaches the art in several locations in Hertfordshire and
Middlesex, including the delightful setting of King George's Recreation Ground in Bushey.  Check out the Tai Chi classes page for more details.

As well as being a long time practitioner of the ancient art, Dr Bennett is also a retired GP and has a  unique perspective based on his holistic and well rounded understanding of medicine and health.

His teaching style is traditional, sympathetic and suitable for all ages and physical abilities.
Both newcomers and experienced practitioners welcome.

Dr Bennett would like to point out that the material in this web site
that you find to be correct and helpful was taught to him by his teachers; the mistakes and ineffective bits are his and his alone.

Traditional Yang Family Tai Ji Quan

You may have seen these gentle, rhythmic exercises in Martial Arts films.
If you have, you may remember the teacher and student, often seen in silhouette, usually in natural surroundings, perhaps a forest, by the sea shore or near running water. They are moving in slow synchrony; a picture of calm, almost playful relaxation. At the same time they are clearly aware and concentrating as they move with exquisite precision. This is Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan).

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan) is an ancient Chinese martial art combining health and relaxation with self-defence. By doing the exercises regularly, practitioners' learn to harmonise mind, body and spirit, to improve circulation, create flexibility and develop stillness and concentration.

The Classic Yang family style of Taiji was developed by Yang Lu Chian and classes follow the traditional teaching methods which have been handed down over centuries.                                             
The Yang style long form embodies over 100 continuous flowing moves.
Our Sifu (the head master of our Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan School) is Herman Chan-Pensley. He has been teaching the art for over 30 years and was taught by Master Chu King Chung who, in turn, was a disciple of Master Yang Sau Chung; so there is a direct and continuous lineage to the Yang family, as the principles and expertise have been handed down through the generations.