Tai Chi Classes

Beginner classes take place at several locations in the North West London and Hertfordshire areas. All Classes practice Long Form, Fast Form, Push Hands and Qiqong. Teaching is traditional, sympathetic and suitable for all ages and physical abilities. Slow rhythmic preparatory exercises are followed by Qigong exercises, both moving and stationary, as well as instruction in the Yang family style of Push hands, weapon forms and self-defence.

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Tai Chi Class Aims (Newcomers)

Whilst it takes many years to become skilled in the practice of Yang Family Style Long Form, Tai Ji Quan. Practitioners can often experience benefits within weeks of starting.
After two months and with a reasonable level of commitment, you will probably have learnt:
-   Eight preparatory exercises
-   Two Qi Gong exercises (Standing Post)
-   The Dragon Walk
-   The first eight moves of the form
-   A basic understanding of the benefits of the practise of Tai Ji Quan and Qi Gong (an appreciation  of three important elements in the practice of Tai JI Quan:((Relaxation, - Awareness & Concentration)
-  An appreciation of the movement of energy
-  Some idea of how your health, fitness, suppleness and stamina might improve with further training

Two months seems to be the minimum amount of time it takes to acquire the initial training, decide whether Tai Ji Quan is right for you and allow for the substantial investment of time needed from the instructor in the early stages of learning. So it would be beneficial if potential students could commit to attending regularly for an initial period of eight weeks.
New students will be joining an existing group so support will be available from senior students as well as the tuition from the instructor.

Tai Chi Class Aims (Experienced Practitioners)

One of the many joys of Tai Ji Quan is that once started, the journey is never completed. The goals the class sets for these more experienced  students is to help them regularly enjoy the particular quality of satisfaction and excitement that small, subtle adjustments make as they refine and enhance the individuals performance; cultivating such qualities as soong, mindfulness, efficiency and intent in accord with the principles enshrined in the Classics.