Falls Among The Elderly

Tai Ji Quan can reduce falls in the elderly.

Approximately 30 per cent of people over 65 years and living in the community fall each year; the number is higher in institutions.
A fifth of incidents require medical attention. Multidisciplinary interventions targeting multiple risk factors are effective in reducing the incidence of falls, as is muscle strengthening combined with balance retraining, individually prescribed at home by a trained health professional.
Tai Chi may also be effective.
Home hazard assessment and modification by a health professional may reduce the problem, in those with a history of falling. Individually tailored interventions delivered by a health professional are more effective than standard or group delivered programmes*.


* The possible reason that Tai Ji Quan is effective in these circumstances is that, as we know, a good teacher adapts their teaching to their students physical and other circumstances.

Dr Peter Bennett FRCGP