There are those and in this group I include myself, who have willingly committed themselves to the Art; welcoming it into their lives as an endless and endlessly fascinating lifelong quest. The joys of practise alone and working with a group, the self-discipline, the depths, the appreciation of an extra-ordinary resource and the edgy challenge that there will always be more to explore.

As I write this, I can hear the words of Sifu Herman Chen-Pensley, the head of the Tai Ji Quan School, reminding me that however carefully I attend his and other teachers, it is but one corner of the page. Only I can discover the other three.

There are those and I include myself in this gathering of enthusiasts too. The sharing of enduring passion for the honest, sharply defined, disciplined endeavour that is scientific enquiry –never knowing all the answers, adapting to as new data, hard won and bright as diamonds and always at the forefront of new knowledge.

To feel attachment to both factions, where I sit, is to risk the ire of both groups confusing me with someone who might be unsympathetic to them, rather missing my investment and interest. Writing an article attempting to bridge the two is to risk alienating both parties. So if you are, thanks for continuing to read this.

Onto Divisions and Paradoxes